Actor. Improvisor. Writer and comedy twit.

Role Production Company Director
2014 C Nautical Guy Philadelphia Cream Cheese Rabbit Dael Oates
2013/14 ST 5 Leads Inside the Egg – Melbourne Comedy & Fringe Festivals Chirsp & Allen Peter Blackburn
2013 SF Prisoner – Lead Dorothy Nikhedonia Productions David Ward
2013 FF Benny – Supporting Burnt Little Foxes Jesse Richards
2013 SF Peter – Lead Death of an Idiot Melbourne Shorts Adrian barker
2013 SF Alex – Lead A Reasonable Faith VCA Joshua Cockfield
2012 SF Raul – Lead Finding Issac Swinburne Uni Kyle Gorman
2012 ST Understudy – Leads Glimpses KIN Collective Noni Hazlehurst & Laura Maitland
2011 SF Jordan – Supporting North Kids VCA Jonnie Leahy
2010 SF Drunk – Supporting` Two Ships Nicky Arnall
2009 ST Lewis, Colin, Kenny, shaman and Luke The Creeps Love and Breed Amelia Best




2011/12 – Character Creation (Yat Malmgren): Penelope Chater

2011/12 – Scene Study (Strasberg/Batson Technique): Gabriella Rose-Carter

2011/12 – Full time program: 16th Street Actors Studio Melbourne

2010 – Clowning with Phil Burgess AKA Dr Brown

2008 – Improvisation intensive: The Upright Citizens Brigade New York

2008 – Improvisation: Impro Melbourne

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