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“Allen’s performance is truly memorable. He displays incredible versatility in the characters he portrays…[his] performances are over-the-top and absurd, yet entirely believable – it’s a beautiful thing.”Elyce Phillips – Squirrel Comedy       Full Review HERE

“Allen is a brilliant actor and he moves easily between characters, showing off impressive vocal and physical performances.”Nicole Humphreys – Crikey     Full Review HERE

FOOL FOR LOVE – Q44 Theatre

“Sam Allen’s Old Man is an enigma until the denouement, yet Allen makes him real and appealing without any physical aid to convey his age. It’s a masterful performance, complete with the slight tremors of the aged and the eye roll of someone searching for a memory.” Coral Drouyn – Stage Whispers

“As they thrash out their love over whiskey, yelling and screaming, the Old Man, played by Sam Allen, narrates their situation from the perspective of a dejected, charismatic, divinatory, Jewish American sass pot. Allen reminds this scribe of a cross between Allen Ginsberg and Zach Galafianakis. He sits in his chair, chooses his moments perfectly and, addressing one and then the other, makes everyone laugh at the absurdity of what each character is doing and saying.” Sarah Barratt – The Music

Old Man

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Actor. Improvisor. Writer and comedy twit. Share-house cleaner / handyman. Ex coven member (it was the 90's).

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