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Here is a collection of improvised pieces I’ve made over the last few years. Some like Luke had a rough treatment and others like All Eyes On Thornbury and Will GreeneCat Lover relied on the site to inspire the shoot. At times my writing partner – Chris Harrigan – would throw in suggestions then attempt to film while trembling his hand.

Bernithe Taggart (out take)

All Eyes On Thornbury – Part 1

Bored one day, Chris and I walked up to Thornbury village with a camera. The location pretty much wrote itself.

Shamanic Sound Healing with ‘Tusk’

This has confused/upset many on YouTube who were expecting the real deal. The comments are great:

when my mum come into my room, when i watched this video, i switch to a porn it’s better to explain

new age hippu shite….lol 4 me im in to TEUTONIC,GERMANIC and INDO,EUROPEAN shamanic healing allso non as PAGANISM.

This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Period.

Will Greene – Cat Lover 1

Will Greene – How to Feed a Stray Cat

Luke – Part 2

A video part from my theatre show The Creeps.  I plan to edit this down someday as attention spans in the last 4 years have gone from 5 mins to 2.5 mins.

Luke – Part 1

The Author

Actor. Improvisor. Writer and comedy twit. Share-house cleaner / handyman. Ex coven member (it was the 90's).

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